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New Engagement Ring Design in Syracuse NY

Syracuse NY JewelryOur family hobby and eventual business began approximately 50 years ago. We are rock hounds. Many years ago, our family had one of the largest rock shops on the East coast. After college, the military, and a successful start in the field of hospital financial administration, I too decided to go into the rock business. In 1978 we incorporated and opened our first permanent retail location, the Treasure Hut, at Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse, NY. When you sell stones someone will want you to make a piece of jewelry. I have learned over the past 35 years to construct handmade jewelry from silver and gold, set stones and do almost any task related to jewelry. I cut stones, fix complicated antique jewelry, string beads and even repair metal broken eyeglass frames, etc. It’s really still my hobby, and I enjoy it

If you are looking for custom-made wedding pearls and Jewelry Syracuse NY then you have come to the right place!  Contact us today for more information about our custom jewelry design.

Along with our unique jewelry design we also specialize in jewelry and eyeglasses repair.  These services include antique jewelry repair, antique watch repair, gold and silver jewelry repair, costume jewelry repair, sunglasses repair and eyeglasses repair.  We are the premier Jewelry Repair Syracuse NY.